Dr Winston Mano

Winston ManoDr Winston Mano is senior lecturer in communication, Director of Africa Media Centre, University of Westminster, UK. He is the principal editor for the journal African Media Studies. He has researched and presented papers on the topic at international conferences both in China and in the UK. In 2008, he organised a one-day China-Africa media conference where journalists, academics and politicians from Africa, China and Europe shared experiences that were relevant to understanding the contemporary role of China in relation to the media and culture in Africa. His previous teaching experience at the University of Zimbabwe has allowed him to enjoy a good working relationship with colleagues there whose input will help him refine the research objectives and to construct questions for the interviews and focus group interviews. The Centre of Africa Media, University of Westminster, brings together many media and film initiatives on Africa that had previously been established in and outside the School of Media, Arts and Design (MAD). With its main objective of promoting top quality research, it has hosted conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures and collaborative research projects.

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