Dr Xiaoling Zhang

Xiaoling ZhangDr Xiaoling Zhang, Project Director, is Associate Professor in Chinese Studies in the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies (SCCS) at the University of Nottingham, UK. Currently she is heading the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham China Campus in Ningbo. She has published widely on the transformation of Chinese media since China started its reform. She has won grants from the British Academy/Council on related research programs, and in 2011, she won Tsinghua Pump Prime Research Fund from the University of Nottingham which enabled her to conduct some pilot study on the topic. Xiaoling Zhang’s long-established contacts with the Chinese Central Government, media organizations and practitioners will enable her to conduct interviews with key people in depth. The SCCS is one of Europe’s largest multidisciplinary research and teaching centres on contemporary China, with the CPI the only policy oriented think tank on China that is based at a leading university in Europe. SCCS’ successful annual international conference and thriving weekly China Seminar Series will provide the team members with a dynamic research environment to get feedbacks and disseminate findings.

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